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We are building a network of expansive, inclusive agriculture on the Alaskan frontier.


Alaskans live in communities that are off the road network. The rugged lifestyle and proximity to nature that is shared by residents of the 49th state is not without its challenges: geographic isolation from the contiguous US, low population density, and a short growing season means that Alaskans must rely on themselves and each other to find creative solutions to the many unique obstacles that come with life in the north. Access to high quality, nutrient-rich food is foundational for the health of any vibrant community, and in Alaska this means that many residents find themselves relying heavily on supply chains over which they have little control and which deliver produce--at a premium price--that is no longer as fresh or quality as at point of origin.

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The Outpost Solution


people are provided for with just one of Outpost's controlled environment agriculture stations, and each harvest goes from farm to table in less than two days. Founded by mission-driven individuals with a long-standing connection to and appreciation for the wilds of Alaska, Outpost Agriculture partners with frontier communities to integrate locally grown herbs and leafy greens into the food system and in doing so improve the quality of life for rural Alaskans.

Our Controlled Environment Agriculture employs hydroponic farming techniques housed in shipping containers to reliably grow nutrient-rich food quickly, cleanly, and with an eye toward bolstering Alaskans’ ever-present spirit of self-reliance.

The network of CEA stations we’re building for remote communities are critical infrastructure, akin to the road network or local power station.

Historically, outpost agriculture—informal and community gardens—filled the gaps created by variations in the harvest of wild game and the unpredictability of the food supply from the lower states.

Loring, Gerlach 2010

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The first CEA units have arrived at Revilla Station! 

Three Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) units arrived to Ketchikan and were placed at the Revilla Station site on January 18th. Each unit originated in South Carolina and was trucked cross-country before being shipped via Samson Tug & Barge over 650 ocean miles from Seattle, WA to…

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