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We are building a network of expansive, inclusive agriculture on the Alaskan frontier.

Outpost Lettuce and Herbs Now Available in Ketchikan

Outpost Agriculture’s fresh, nutrient-dense lettuce varieties and herbs are now available for purchase by businesses, organizations and families. 20% of every yield is donated to non-profit feeding programs.

Our Controlled Environment Agriculture employs hydroponic farming techniques housed in shipping containers to reliably grow nutrient-rich food quickly, cleanly, and with an eye toward bolstering Alaskans’ ever-present spirit of self-reliance.

The Outpost Solution

The network of CEA stations we’re building for remote communities are critical infrastructure, akin to the road network or local power station. Learn more.

Ready to feed your guests, customers, and family fresh Outpost produce?

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First Crop of the Season almost ready for Harvest

Though it feels like only yesterday that we were planting, believe it or not harvest season is right around the corner at Outpost Agriculture’s Revilla Station. This is the beauty of Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA): Outpost’s ability to control everything in the growing cycle from CO2 levels, airflow, and humidity…

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