All Revilla Station buildings have arrived

The footprint for Outpost Agriculture’s Revilla Station will consist in total of 8 self-contained buildings: three Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) pods, and several other units that will house various work stations for propagation, sanitation, paperwork, and post-grow trimming and packaging. 

Since January and the arrival of the three NFT units, Colin, Chelsea, and team have been busy lining up contractors and permits ahead of the rest of the station’s assembly in Ketchikan; at last, that day has arrived!

The remaining five buildings for Revilla Station arrived the week of May 16th without event (always a good thing when it comes to logistics!) and were set on site. Before they will be placed in their final locations, engineers with Amplified Agriculture–one of the companies that has inspired and supported Outpost from conception to the present–are working hard to prepare both the units and the land itself for all that will need to occur to get this hydroponic leafy greens operation up and running by mid-July!

Outpost is officially off to the races!

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