Connecting with Ketchikan

February 17th-19th Colin and Chelsea connected in Ketchikan to meet with contractors and finalize site-plan preparation for Revilla Station, as well as to begin outreach to prospective local customers, beneficiaries, and municipal leaders.

Our team was introduced to Jai Mahtani, Ketchikan City Councilman, Austin Otos, Assemblyman for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, and Ty Rettke, Executive Director of the Park Avenue Temporary Home (PATH). Outpost Agriculture is a nonprofit organization and plans to donate a significant portion of our harvest to community organizations such as PATH.

Non-profit operations will be sustained by doing business with local wholesale customers like restaurants, tour operators, and public institutions that will benefit from produce that is fresher and more nutrient-dense than has been readily available in the community to date. Reaching out to these prospective customers is top priority for Chelsea and Colin in April and May.

Outpost Agriculture will be holding informational sessions for the community in the coming months via public forums hosted by the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, Ketchikan Radio Center, and local Rotary clubs. Already the organization has integrated itself into larger networks working toward the same goal of food security for SE Alaskans; Outpost Agriculture is an original member of Ketchikan Agricultural Producers Association (KAPA), an organization committed to connecting local farmers and suppliers with local demand, researching the feasibility of a food hub in the community, and sharing best practices around manufacturing and government compliance.

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