We’ve broken ground in Ketchikan!

Revilla Station, Outpost’s first facility in SE Alaska, is a standardized, modular CEA farm composed of a number of containers with different functions: 3 Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) growing pods, a Seeding/Propagation pod, a Sanitation pod, a Cold Storage/Packaging pod, an Office/Entry Control Point pod, and several Dry Storage pods. With this 3 NFT pod design Revilla Station will produce up to 3,600 heads of lettuce every week, rain or shine. In addition, this standard layout is designed to allow 3 additional NFT pods to be plugged in, doubling its production capacity. We plan to refine and streamline this farm station design in Ketchikan, and then replicate it in hub communities throughout Alaska.

Outpost scouted prospective sites from Shoreline Drive down to Saxman until we found the right one: the former Karlson Motors site will be the home of Revilla Station!

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