Next Step: Infrastructure

Outpost Agriculture has officially, really, and truly broken ground in Ketchikan! 

Now that the structural components of Revilla Station have arrived safe and sound, it’s time to get things to their proper place and ensure that all is in working order. To accomplish this, Outpost’s friends from Amplified Agriculture will be joined by a stellar team of local contractors. Currently, the groundwork is being laid to get the station electrified with the help of Ketchikan Public Utilities and First City Electric. Next, Kyle with Logjam Construction will be getting dirty to install the station’s septic system and all-important water tanks. If all goes according to plan, Ketchikan locals, visitors, and residents of neighboring communities like Metlakatla, Craig, and Klawock will be enjoying locally-grown, affordable greens in no time!

It takes a village, and Outpost Agriculture is happy to get its start here in Ketchikan!

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