We’re on the frontier of CEA

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The name says it all. In places where climate and geography rule out traditional agricultural techniques, to grow food you need to control the growing environment. CEA uses closed loop Nutrient Film Technique hydroponic farms built inside shipping containers. These systems–which allow us to control everything in the growing cycle from CO2 levels, airflow, and humidity to the strength and frequency of lighting cycles — are modular, meaning we can tailor our production to requirements of the community the farm station serves, and we can add or subtract growing capacity as needed.

Building and operating large scale CEA in remote, underserved and food insecure communities is an expensive proposition fraught with obstacles.

Outpost Agriculture is building a distributed, decentralized network of CEA farm stations throughout Alaska to ensure that remote and food insecure communities always have access to fresh, nutritious and affordable leafy greens and other produce. By building a network under the aegis of single organization, we can offset the costs of running stations in prohibitively expensive locations with revenues from less expensive locations as well as fundraising.

We focus on building and operating farm stations of between 3-9 growing pods in settlements that serve as hub communities for their areas (usually towns of between 2k to 8k people). By doing so, we hope to bring as many of Alaska’s remote and food insecure communities as possible to within a one-day gap between harvest and consumption.